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Blinks Age Meme by Coloralecante Blinks Age Meme by Coloralecante
Story Time !

Bullet; Green 8 years old:
Lizza Blink Meiar is at the age of 8 in her hometown ever since, Anklem or Anklem City. She lives together with her mom in their own house near the city boundary. Her biological father she never knew and her stepfather died 2 years ago.
She goes to the third grade in the elementary school of Anklem.
She is one of the best students and very inquisitive. She begins to write stories and has a few friends but no 'best friend'.
Her life in mostly ordinary.

Bullet; Green 11-13 Years old: 
Blink is about to go school to middle school where she has no idea how to explain her growth of bright green hair, the now reconizable pointy shaped ears and the slightly green freckles. In elementary everyone saw how her hair slowly started to grow out in that most obnoxious shade of green when she was around 10 years old. She decides to dye all of her hair in summer holliday and to change her whole aparence along with it.
Her mother starts to worry about her health but is herself to afraid of what might be to go to a doctor with her. They don't talk about it.
But then at this one unfortunate day, Blink is gone, her room a mess and her window shattered like herself when she comes back to her door, exhausted with several bruises, ripped clothes and bleeding fingers.
She was gone for not more then 2 minutes. Since that day it was sure they had to to something. 
Months pass by and no doctor can find out what is wrong with her and the psychologist can only attest her a split personality. Blink takes that great and from that day forward she speaks about "Me" and "Her" or "That demon".
She refuses to go back to the hospital when her other personality taers the whole floor apart. At that point it was already months ago that she was last time at school.
When her mother won't wake up one morning, her life should have been over too, but instead she falls into a big cloud of nothingness. The days fly away and the only thing she does is wake up in the morning and write, she knows herself very well that she will get out of this state some day. Until then she waits and waits and somewhere between that her alter ego messes up the town.  

Bullet; Green 14 Years old:
The day is come, the day after her 14. birthday the day when she is finally sick and tired of dooing basicly nothing but staring at the celling, beeing depressed, waiting for her next burst, writing about pointles things, forgetting how to get along with people, how to have fun and how few happy years she had.
She beginns to search the internet, somewhere out there has to be something that might really help her, after days of changing her search items  and luckily not destroying her computer she finally finds on a website for people with very special abilities and proplems the 'Kyse Gerla Accademy and research center for the extraordinary'  
She decides to write them about what happend to her and at the same day she gets informed that they have an information day for all interested students soon.

-And that is where her story actually beginns. The story about how she gets to know people that turn her world around once more and how hard the way is back into an other version of normal life. 
Everything she knew till then will change.- 

This was very complicate for me to write, if you find somethign entirely wrong please tell me. 

0MoonPrincess0 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
she's so cute ^_^
Coloralecante Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks =)
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